Understanding Acupuncture


How does it work?

In this gentle form of medicine, each diagnosis is based on the patient’s overall health condition and life style.  Each treatment is designed uniquely to address imbalances in the individual. Symptoms are viewed in relationship to the whole person in order to explore the underlying cause of an illness or disease. Insertion of the fine needles help to promote circulation of Qi (vital energy) and blood, therefore assist your body in its own healing process.

Is it widely recognized?

Because of its effectiveness, noninvasive nature and relatively low cost, acupuncture had gain popularity in the United States after it was first introduced in the 70’s. The World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed acupuncture for over 40 conditions involving muscular skeletal system, digestive system, respiratory system, gynecological system, psychosomatic system and circulatory system.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

The sensations that patients experience during acupuncture range from nothing at all to a brief ache or heaviness in the area being needled. Some points are more sensitive than others. By and large patients describe the sensations as fleeting.  Patients often comment on how peaceful and deeply relaxing the treatments are.

Are the needles safe? Is there anything on them?

Needles are safe.  Only sterile disposable needles are used for treatment. They are used once and then disposed of immediately. Needles are made out of stainless steel with no medicine coating on them.

How long is a typical treatment?

Treatment usually lasts about 30 minutes. The initial consultation and treatment can take one to one and half hour.

When should I see an acupuncturist?

Many patients begin acupuncture treatments to find relief from a wide range of physical conditions.  Others seek treatment to reduce stress and for disease prevention.

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